We are here to help you if you encounter any problems. We kindly ask you to browse the list of Frequently Asked Questions first before you submit your inquires, as it is very likely you will find a satisfactory answer there.

Registration and business inquiries

For inquiries of business character and all questions about the registration process, please send us an e-mail to

Technical inquiries

For technical inquiries, please send an e-mail In your e-mails to us, please include all important info regarding the installed product, including your Registration Number, MITCalc Application version, MS Office version, and OS version. Attaching a screenshot to your support request will help us quickly understand and ultimately resolve your issue.

Note: Technical support is provided to registered users only.

Frequently Asked Questions

Business inquiries and registration:

Do you offer multi-license discounts?

We have tried to set the price to be acceptable for users who need few licenses. Should you be interested in purchasing licenses of a higher volume, please contact us to negotiate special terms and conditions.

How long does it take to receive the authorization code after the payment’s been made?

You will receive the code by e-mail within 48 hours. In most cases, the e-mail with the authorization code is delivered within a few hours of the payment.

Technical inquiries:

The installation of mitcalc.xla does not work. The installation of mitcalc.xla was unsuccessful.

Try to install the Add-In mitcalc.xla from Excel.

  1. Run Excel.
  2. Excel 2010-2019/365: Excel menu File > Options > Add-Ins > Manage: Excel Add-ins > Go...
    • Excel 2007: Button Office: Options > Add-Ins > Manage: Excel Add-ins > Go...
    • Excel 2003/XP: Excel menu: Tools > Add-Ins...
  3. In the dialog "Add-Ins" div Browse... and select the file mitcalc.xla (usually installed in "C:\Program Files\ MITCalc\").

When launching the calculation, I experience a problem with enabling the “macros” function?

The protection level (in Excel) is probably set too high or the root certificate from the certification authority we use has not been installed correctly. Lower the protection level for the macros (Excel XP, 2003: menu Tools > Macro > Security > Medium; Excel 2007: Button Office > Excel Options > Security Centre > Settings > Macro Settings) or reinstall the root certificate from our CA. For details, check the Excel help.

When activating different radio divs on the calculation sheet, why does a dialog box with a VBA Run-time error appear?

The error evaluation in the VBA module has been changed. Use Alt+F11 to launch the VBA editor and set "Tools > Options > General > Error Trapping > Break on Unhandled Errors" in the menu.

I have installed MITCalc in an admin account and when trying to run it from a user account, I see a pop-up window saying “System Error” – MITCalc has probably been installed incorrectly.

You probably have an older version, which required installation and startup under the same user account. From version 1.51, MITCalc can be installed under the administrator account and run under the user account (not vice versa). Here you can download the current version and reinstall it.

The message “Cannot find mitcalc.xla” is displayed every time I run Excel after uninstalling MITCalc.

The add-in has to be uninstalled manually.

  1. Run Excel.
  2. MS Excel 2010-2019/365:: Excel menu File > Options > Add-Ins > Manage: Excel Add-ins > Go...
    • MS Excel 2007: Button Office: Options > Add-Ins > Manage: Excel Add-ins > Go...
    • MS Excel 2003/XP: Excel menu: Tools > Add-Ins...
  3. In the dialog "Add-Ins" unpick MITCalc in the list. Confirm its deletion from the list.

Problem with authorization: The displayed authorization dialogue has the authorization code box grayed out and the authorization code cannot be entered.

You have probably attempted to authorize a full version with an authorization code for stand-alone calculations, or vice versa. Install the correct software (it is quoted in the authorization email). Download the auxiliary authorization module (MITCalc_Authorization.xls) from here, run it, choose Full Version or the appropriate calculation module in the dialogue, and enter the authorization code as supplied.

Problem with disappearing control elements: When opening the document with the calculation and when opening a paragraph, control elements are missing (buttons, select lists, switches).

The problem is probably related to the compatibility of documents between different versions of Excel. A detailed explanation can be found here.