User Interface

Most of the calculations have a similar user interface whose main advantage is its top-to-bottom layout – every task flows logically from an assignment to the results. In other words, the structure of a calculation is like what you are already accustomed to when solving the same task with a calculator and sheet of paper.

Other advantages of our solution are:

The "Expert Notes" system containing recommendations and tips for input and output values [1].

Support of standard and imperial units [2].

Recommended values – the calculation “knows” how to set (estimate) the right coefficients [3].

Any change of parameters immediately results in recalculation of the entire task (a table).

For most of the calculations, there is the “Automatic Design” mode available, which offers a set of solutions based on minimum input information and one parameter to optimize (e.g. weight, safety, dimensions) [4].

Picture of user interface