New version, technical support.

Table of Content:

New version, technical support.

New version.

Information on new versions and how to download them can be found on our web pages:

Note: Registered users can be informed through e-mail.

Extension packages.

Extension packages are completed continuously with other calculations, which are not included in the basic version. These packets are available to registered users only.

Note: Registered users can be informed about them by e-mail or acquire them through e-mail directly.

Technical support.

If you encounter a calculation, technical or other problem, proceed as follows:

  1. Try to find a solution to the problem in this documentation.
  2. If the problem relates to the functionality of MS Excel, try to find the solution in the MS Excel documentation.
  3. See our web pages referring to SUPPORT.
  4. See the FAQ (questions and answers) on our web pages.

If you are unsuccessful in finding any solution to your problem or answer to your question, contact us on our e-mail address: In such case, please provide the following information, which might help to find a solution and answer your inquiry.

In case you have some inquiries about registration, please use the e-mail address

Hint: You can use the command from the Start Menu\MITCalc\Support to display the e-mail form. This command opens a new e-mail with a prefilled header.