Setting calculations, changing the language.

Setting the calculation language can be performed in the "Settings" sheet. If necessary for calculation purposes, this sheet may display other parameters (standard, marginal conditions, etc.) that can be used for modifications to the calculation behavior. Explanation of these calculation-dependent setting parameters can be found in the help section of the respective calculation.

The upper edge of the sheet includes an "Authorization" button, which displays the "Authorization dialog" if pressed.

The "Information" paragraph shows the help file name, the version number and the date of issue of the current calculation. It is advisable to give the calculation version number together with your request for technical support.

The "Settings" sheet is accessible by clicking on the folder with the sheet name on the bottom edge of the workbook.

Changing the language.

After selecting a language from the list, all the names and comments of the cells are translated into the chosen language in the current calculation workbook. The indicator in the displayed window informs you about the course of the running translation.

If the language is changed in the installed calculation (not in the calculation copy) and the calculation is saved, the global settings of the language is changed as well. Any other calculation that is started will be then governed by this setting and starting it also initiates its translation. The global settings of the language can also be performed from the MITCalc Integrated Environment.

If there is the option of another language and saving the calculation under a new name (Command: Save as) or a changing the language in the calculation copy, the global settings remain the same. The chosen settings of the language is then valid for the relevant workbook only.

Warning: The language marked with an asterisk is inactive, reserved for future translations. If chosen, the English language will be used.